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Our Monitored Alarm Systems

A bell-only alarm is not enough - it may alert the occupants of a home or place of work, but the Police will only respond to a ringing bell if there is evidence of an offence in progress. It’s important that an alarm summons the right help urgently and without fail - only a monitored alarm can do that.

Insurance companies will normally insist on a system that includes 24/7 monitoring, 365 days of the year, by skilled operators at a remote monitoring station; operators need to quickly filter out false alarms, and ensure Police, keyholders and/or service engineers are alerted in seconds to a genuine verified emergency.

Southern Monitoring Services

For a small annual fee, most alarm systems can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your system is activated a message is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) - we use Southern Monitoring Services. The ARC will immediately call your premises to check it is a genuine alarm, then if appropriate will call the keyholder(s) and/or the Police.

Digital Monitoring takes the worry out of protecting your property because even if you're not around when your alarm system is activated someone will be doing something about it straight away.

We fit only genuine insurance-approved intruder alarm systems from trusted manufacturers

Our systems can be monitored remotely by our central monitoring station

Dual path security monitoring is now widely regarded as the standard format for alarm signalling. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial installations and is specified by leading insurance companies.

Dual Path Digital Communicators can also make the distinction between hardware failures and a genuine attack, helping to eliminate false alarms and unnecessary responses.

Should deliberate or accidental damage occur on one of its paths the other will continue to be monitored, ensuring your property continues to be protected.

Basic - Digital Communicator

Commonly used for residential systems with the option of:

(1) keyholder response - alerts sent by phone or text message to up to four numbers, or

(2) Police response - signals are relayed to the ARC who alert the Police

Digital Communicators work rather like a computer modem, transmitting the alarm from your premises to the ARC. So far, so good, but a single path communicator won’t notify the ARC if your phone line has been cut and can’t send a signal if the telephone line is engaged.

Better - DualCom & DualCom GPRS

DualCom is a fully integrated dual-signalling device that can transmit alarm signals to our ARC via radio GPRS path, radio GSM path, your wired LAN network (IP), and by telephone.

GPRS alarms are transmitted via the Vodafone Packet Radio Service (VPRS) - a low traffic high-speed data network ideal for the high-priority nature of alarm signals. The telephone is used as the back-up.

Both DualCom GPRS paths are constantly monitored for full functionality to ensure the security systems are intact.

Better - BT Redcare & Redcare GSM

BT Redcare offers what is generally considered to be the most secure form of alarm monitoring available. It’s dual path signalling works on a BT telephone lined backed up by the O2 cellular network. The system will detect if the telephone line is cut or if the alarm panel is unable to communicate, and will inform the ARC immediately.

BT Redcare GSM offers the highest level of protection for high risk sites, combining the telephone connection with a GSM radio backup path.

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